Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spice drop Ethan Models for Physical Science

My son had to build a Model Ethan for his Physical Science project using Spice Drops, he needed to 32 red ones, ( not so bad tasting except there was 34 in the bag we purchased, he needed 24 green and there were 34 in this bag and 10 black, those are the worst ones of the bag, but to say the least the person over seeing quailty control at the company made sure to over load the yellows, whites and black spice drops, YUCK!
Here he has printed instructions to guide him in building the models

The green ones are for Hydrogen, the red are Oxygen and the Black ones are Carbon, He was to show the eqaution of Ethan and Oxygen then Carbon, hydrogen and Oxygen then balance them stating how many Ethan models were needed to balance this.  

He said 2. The teacher directed sheet asked how many water molecules did he need to support the balance, 6. Oxygen models was 7 Those are the red spice drops. 
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  1. These are so cute! Reminds me to use gumdrops this year for geometry instead of marshmallows! :)