Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My newest Bzz Kit has arrived!

I received a new kit from BZZ Agent and it was the new Three Continent coffee from Green Mountain. My Keurig is the busiest appliance most mornings. My favorite flavor is the Chia Latte from Cafe Escapes, then my daughter loves the sponsored Kelly Clarkson Three Continent Blend Coffee, It is to help promote farmers to receive a fair price for their beans, making a better tasting coffee to you the consumer! You will also help build roads and provide clean water and provide them with a better life. The coffee is a sweet and bold with a hint of fruitiness can help this special promotion today by logging on to www.choosefairtrade.com 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am trying the Hormel Rev Wraps with my Kids...As a Bzz Agent

So as a BZZ Agent I get to tell you about products from manufactures. I have been sent coupons from the agency to try the Rev Wraps, along with my kids and friends, well anyone who wants to try them. I received 7 coupons to go get the product since they are parishable. My son loves pepperoni, however he said he could do without the salami and would like a sauce packet to moisten it some, the ham and cheese on is ok, for on the run when I need to get something fast, they are fresh and easy to pack in the lunchboxes and fit easily ib=n the small drawer in the fridge. The cost is somewhat high for a few slices of meat and 1 cheese, but again if your child or spouce has a short break between meetings or sport activities this is fit for this.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bzz Agent

I have retired from the Virtual School teaching of my children because they have decided to futher their schooling past what I can teach. My daughter wants to become a nurse and the current school that she is attending allows the students from all highschools to come to the Technical school which is adjoined to her highschool and take part to learn a career so by the time they graduate they have employment! Then my son who is entering as a freshman this year wants to go to a stricter school so he signed up for school so later he could get in the Air Force. So I have decided to become a BZZ Agent. It is totally free, no personal information is given! and we review products by awesome manufactures, like Lysol, to clothing, to coffee, to well you are welcome to go to the Bzz Agent webste to see what the Bzz is all about, also tell them I sent you! this is my first campign, I am waiting on the package to ship so I can have a few freind over to show what I got and hand out samples and coupons! The manufactures give the agents samples and coupons to us and we in turen post on our blogs information about the comments and a picture of our gathering what was said and the final verdict!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet my Beagle Puppy Daisy

Daisy was born on July 17, 2012. I was looking for a new friend and family member and saw her in an ad. She was in a family for to weeks prior to ours, and the prior owner was unable to care for her any longer due to other obligations, so I took on the motherly instincts to care for her. I drove across the state of Florida to pick her up and have taken her to the vet to get her puppy vaccinations, and found out she has a double ear infection and a spot in her left eye. He said she needed to be checked out sooner and I was able to show them the ad I found her in and he said I pretty much saved her, also the vet put her on medications to try and treat it. I just want to let you all know this... Please if you are looking to adopt an animal from an ad, please get more information from the person. The young girl/ lady I got Daisy from was kind to give her up but should have been repectful to take her to be seen for shots and etc. It would not have kept me from getting her but it would have been best for the puppy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spice drop Ethan Models for Physical Science

My son had to build a Model Ethan for his Physical Science project using Spice Drops, he needed to 32 red ones, ( not so bad tasting except there was 34 in the bag we purchased, he needed 24 green and there were 34 in this bag and 10 black, those are the worst ones of the bag, but to say the least the person over seeing quailty control at the company made sure to over load the yellows, whites and black spice drops, YUCK!
Here he has printed instructions to guide him in building the models

The green ones are for Hydrogen, the red are Oxygen and the Black ones are Carbon, He was to show the eqaution of Ethan and Oxygen then Carbon, hydrogen and Oxygen then balance them stating how many Ethan models were needed to balance this.  

He said 2. The teacher directed sheet asked how many water molecules did he need to support the balance, 6. Oxygen models was 7 Those are the red spice drops. 
 Thanks for stopping by today  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Incredible Egg Geode Experiment

I want to thank http://littlemisshypothesis.blogspot.com/ she posted this weekly experiment of the week on her blog, It is an advertisement for the Steve Spangler Scientist website. There is a link to Steve's Website on her blog. My kids had fun exploring while learning her is the outcome of the Egg Geode that grew crystals.  We did this lesson and found out that
"Geodes are pockets of crystals that form in sedimentary and igneous rocks. They start as hollow spaces in rock that is porous enough for water to seep through. The water carries dissolved minerals, which are deposited in the open space, forming a lining of crystals. Most geodes contain quartz crystals, but they can also contain calcite, celestite, and other minerals. "
My son had Earth Science last school year and studied rocks so this was another great ad on to what was taught in the K-12 program, we love his teacher he has his year, she currently teaches a few levels of Science. I only hope that they can let us have her again when he moves up to 8th next fall. I have to admit between the two kids, it took two trials and errors.but that is what learning is about. I have to say that my ninth grader didn't put in a spoon over night like my son did his and his had crystals. He thinks that this was the variable that may have made it work for him. We are going to do it again, however they are going to separate the egg halves and place Epsom Salts in place of Alum like the kids did for this project, and  a spoon in one container and not the other container. I will get back to you when this happens. Again, if you would  like some really great ideas for Science you can either hop over to my blog pal at http://littlemisshypothesis.blogspot.com/ or the Steve Spangler site. Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cause and Effect Glyph

This is a Cause and Effect Glyph that my son who is in 7th did. He had a assignment in Composition class, it was also to to help him with making a presentation from being boring, he said.  The project represented here is a Critter cage, it is similar to those for fish, but used for small reptiles or animals. The black band on the top is on a brad and rotates to show his story of the Cause and Effect lesson of how "T" was home one day while mom and sister were running errands. "T" had the Bunny out and put it back in the cage, "he thought" and soon after saw the bunny hop by causing all sorts of mishaps in the house.
 Here is a close up of some extra Rabbits that were cut out using the Cricut and the 2010 special holiday Cartridge. "T" printed the "Cause" highlights and pasted them to the bunnies so he could do a presentation style. The original assignment said the children could do the notes on index cards, but we have a Cricut machine, and he like to use it when ever he gets an opportunity.

 Here "T" and I made some carrots for the Effect notes to go on, they are on a brad to keep them together.
My 9th grader has a real bunny and "T" thought it would be fun to do this project. Her bunny is fine, and was not left out of her cage, this is just used for a school lesson.