Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bzz Agent

I have retired from the Virtual School teaching of my children because they have decided to futher their schooling past what I can teach. My daughter wants to become a nurse and the current school that she is attending allows the students from all highschools to come to the Technical school which is adjoined to her highschool and take part to learn a career so by the time they graduate they have employment! Then my son who is entering as a freshman this year wants to go to a stricter school so he signed up for school so later he could get in the Air Force. So I have decided to become a BZZ Agent. It is totally free, no personal information is given! and we review products by awesome manufactures, like Lysol, to clothing, to coffee, to well you are welcome to go to the Bzz Agent webste to see what the Bzz is all about, also tell them I sent you! this is my first campign, I am waiting on the package to ship so I can have a few freind over to show what I got and hand out samples and coupons! The manufactures give the agents samples and coupons to us and we in turen post on our blogs information about the comments and a picture of our gathering what was said and the final verdict!

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