Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am trying the Hormel Rev Wraps with my Kids...As a Bzz Agent

So as a BZZ Agent I get to tell you about products from manufactures. I have been sent coupons from the agency to try the Rev Wraps, along with my kids and friends, well anyone who wants to try them. I received 7 coupons to go get the product since they are parishable. My son loves pepperoni, however he said he could do without the salami and would like a sauce packet to moisten it some, the ham and cheese on is ok, for on the run when I need to get something fast, they are fresh and easy to pack in the lunchboxes and fit easily ib=n the small drawer in the fridge. The cost is somewhat high for a few slices of meat and 1 cheese, but again if your child or spouce has a short break between meetings or sport activities this is fit for this.

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