Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cause and Effect Glyph

This is a Cause and Effect Glyph that my son who is in 7th did. He had a assignment in Composition class, it was also to to help him with making a presentation from being boring, he said.  The project represented here is a Critter cage, it is similar to those for fish, but used for small reptiles or animals. The black band on the top is on a brad and rotates to show his story of the Cause and Effect lesson of how "T" was home one day while mom and sister were running errands. "T" had the Bunny out and put it back in the cage, "he thought" and soon after saw the bunny hop by causing all sorts of mishaps in the house.
 Here is a close up of some extra Rabbits that were cut out using the Cricut and the 2010 special holiday Cartridge. "T" printed the "Cause" highlights and pasted them to the bunnies so he could do a presentation style. The original assignment said the children could do the notes on index cards, but we have a Cricut machine, and he like to use it when ever he gets an opportunity.

 Here "T" and I made some carrots for the Effect notes to go on, they are on a brad to keep them together.
My 9th grader has a real bunny and "T" thought it would be fun to do this project. Her bunny is fine, and was not left out of her cage, this is just used for a school lesson.

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