Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Science & math with Gummy Worms and Gummy Bears, Rulers, and a variety of Water

Here T is measuring the W and L of the Gummy worm prior to placing in the water solution. He is recording the information on the chart we found on the Internet ( We would like to give credit to who ever made the chart, & Thank you, but it didn't have a source with it.
Ms. G also recorded the bears W and H and made their measurements info for the charts. She gave the hypothesis info and was ready to go on with her experiment. She has tap water, (we have well water) yuck!,
Bottle water, and salt water, than we added sugar water, not shown in picture.
Here you can see a set up for the two kids. We later added the container for Sugar water.
They were watching to see if any coloring would come off and then they were to see if the bears ( that was the first test) changed size or mass. they did change the water to a light pink after 30 minutes.
The worm test was the most change. They grew from 5 cm to 6 cm. and the red ones to a darker pink water. and green ones to lite green water, no change on yellow water. The Salt water face after eating the items, I saw on the kids was priceless:) Hey they wanted to try it! Yuck!
In the end they said this was one of the best times of the week they had, because they got to have Gummy worms during the school day!

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