Friday, March 30, 2012

I was surfing Pinterest and came across these and said " I love these" I need a couple of them! I have a little table that I can fit a few under, which we use in our school area. Anyways, I also have a lot of fabric pieces to choose from in my old hobby room I share with my husband. I went down to Home Depot and asked the helper to cut a piece of Ply from a scrap pile and he was able to get 9 pieces out of it. He wrote on a slip it was an orange code $ 4.01 :) smiles for that. I purchased a new pack of staples for my staple gun and a pack of foam at Wal-Mart and My daughter and I were ready to make our seats. We are going to be making one for her sister and brother soon.

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  1. So glad you left me a link to your blog! My cousin has a 7th grade home schooler. I will have to send her your way!