Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Popcorn word help! Please

I borrowed this image from Google images, I do not claim it as my own: it is posted here just to show as an example of what I would like as the project I would like to hopefully achieve!
My son 13, 7th grade, loves Popcorn, like most teenagers, but I figured this might be a way to help him write down his vocabulary words from his, Virtual School K-12 Classical Roots B Vocab book, and the type and paste the definitions then he can binder ring clip instead of the traditional index cards. So if any of you know which Cricut cartridge would have the image of one on it or something similar, or some teachers in the family who know how to do some of the fancy images we have seen posted on Pinterest or Teacher pay teachers, please ask them if they could lend a hand. Thank you.

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