Friday, March 30, 2012

To help keep some sence of organization during the school day

I was needing some sort of way to keep my son organized and started to look around on the Internet and found a large variety of home school families using this sort of "Work Box method" so with that in mind I said I would give it a try. What I did was look to see what was suggested, then comments of the families I researched. They labeled the bins with either picture or word labels. I did both, However my son's classes are not of the normal Brick and mortal school. He is taking a Civics class. He is in a G.U.M. class, it stands for Grammar Usage Mechanics, and Literature, and Fundamental of Geometry and Algebra so I needed some special tags I could Velcro on the bins the little icon images on Google images. My son loves monkeys, so for Literature I found a Curious George  looking through a set of binoculars, and a pencil for his writing class and then a State Capital Building for his Civics Class, for Vocabulary I found a icon that had Alpha letters at random, He has his covers of his 3 ring binders done in a similar way but with some different images to keep them form being boring. The K-12 program has the kids in Grades 3-8th do Study Island so to help get them prepared for FCAT, so we made (I)  made him few blue ribbons reminders. I made some Ribbons on my Cricut to give him when he earned them on the computer as a reward too. to hang up as an incentives! I purchased my shelf unit at Target for $19.99 and 2 sets of 5  pk. bins for $ 5.99 each there also. We rotate the bins to fill as his daily plan changes.

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