Friday, April 6, 2012

"T's" Science Fair Project for K-12 Virtual School

       We have a Cricut Machine and about 55 plus cartridges for it. So we decided to to cut out from the Chores Cartridge some little tooth brushes to add some decoration to the board. There are some large Ovals to represent Eggs under the word  EGGS to go with the theme. "T" had to do a Science Fair for his last Unit and lesson of the school year however, he loves Science already and will continue to do some lessons and visit some some of his favorite hands on science museums. We have a few blogs we follow regularly to gret some ideas from, and will continue to check in with his K-12 teacher on a regular basis as well. Plus, we have a great start to a Science center set up in our school area. "T" just became the keeper of 2 fish that have mickey mouse head prints on the tails. Congrats !

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